The Russian Blue Cat

A Cat With a Silvery Sheen

There are many cats that have a greyish blue colouring, but a real Russian blue cat has a thick double coat that is virtually identical to the fur of a beaver or a seal. The Russian Blue cat breed has been around for far longer than the majority of other breeds. It is thought that Queen Victoria was the proud owner of one of these gorgeous cats, which were first referred to as “Archangel cats.”

Size:medium to large sized cat
Weight:3-5 kg.
Life Span:15 years and more
Care:no special requirements

The Russian blue cat is distinguished by its broad head and eyes the colour of emerald. It has a demeanour that is kind and loving to those around it. The blue coat of the cat has what seems like a silver tip on each individual hair, which gives the coat a metallic lustre. The Russian blue cat’s ears have a broad base and are positioned toward the sides of its large, flat head. This breed has a long, slender physique that is composed of delicate bones and strong muscles, giving it an elegant and clean line.

A Russian Blue cat’s demeanour is often reserved, although they are dedicated to their owners and like playing. They are attuned to the feelings of the people living in the home yet do not place excessive demands on their owners, making them an ideal pet for today’s fast-paced, multi-person families. They need relatively little brushing, but their owner will find that they appreciate the time spent combing them. The Russian blue cat has a distinct grin on its face, which is just another argument in favour of bringing this friendly feline into your family’s life.

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