The Norwegian Forest Cat

Longest Hair and a Full Mane

Cat native to the forests of Norway

The Norwegian forest cat is an exquisitely gorgeous feline with long fur. Their existence has been documented as far back as the time of the Vikings. These striking cats journeyed across the northern seas with their stalwart human companions and proved themselves helpful by hunting rodents along the way. It is thought that the Vikings carried Norwegian Forest Cats with them to the New World, and that these cats were the first domesticated cats in North America.

Size:large cats
Weight:male 6-10 kg, female 5-7 kg
Care:grooming during shedding.

The coat of the Norwegian forest cat has a distinct transformation from summer to winter that may be seen in the animal’s appearance. During the winter, the cat develops a soft, downy undercoat that keeps it warm. Norwegian forest cats are suited to living in very cold climates, as seen by their long guardhairs, which assist to shield them from adverse conditions. The Norwegian forest cat loses these hairs during the summer months, which causes it to look quite different at that time of year. When the winter coat is in full effect, the tail may spread out to a width of up to twelve inches and has a very thick appearance. The lengthy mane that the Norwegian Forest Cat has is really fascinating to look at.

The lineage of the cat as well as how the kittens are raised may have a significant impact on the feline’s temperament. On the other hand, they place a strong emphasis on individuals. Even though their lengthy coats need very little maintenance, they should be kept indoors for the best possible outcomes. However, at the period when your hair is losing, combing is highly suggested.

These gorgeous felines may have whatever colour they choose, with the exception of the pointed pattern of Siamese cats. A Norwegian Forest Cat with a lighter coat colour often has a coat that is considerably more dense than those with darker coat colours.

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