The Lynx Cat

Cousin to the Bobcat

The lynx cat is a kind of domestic cat that takes its name from the wild lynx found in North America. There are two types of lynx cat that are bred specifically for the purpose of being kept as pets in homes. The lynx cat of the desert is one example. The other species is the highland lynx, which has ears that are curled, giving it an unusual and unique appearance.

Size:large sized cat
Weight:male 7-9 kg, female 4-6 kg
Life Span:12-15 years
Care:no special requirements

The desert lynx is the result of a hybridization between a bobcat and a housecat. The offspring will have a bob-tailed, spotted or striped appearance, and will have a tuft of hair on each ear, giving them an aggressive appearance. They have a nature that is lively and friendly, as seen by the fact that they follow people about and come when they are called. They get along well with other dogs, although they are often timid around people they do not know.

A snow leopard, blue leopard, copper leopard, or ebony leopard might potentially be mistaken for a desert lynx. Other possible colorations are ebony leopard and copper leopard. The highland lynx cat may also have any of these swirling stripes or speckled hues on its coat. It is also possible to breed lynx cats to have the point patterning of a Siamese cat.

Lynx cats, in comparison to other types of domestic cats, often have longer legs. Additionally, the Desert Lynx often has polydactyl toes. This indicates that each foot of the cat has six toes on it. The Lynx cat’s toes are covered in tufts of fur all the way down to the tips.

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