Tabby Cats

Come in All Kinds

You could wish to add tabby cats on a list of breeds of house cats, but in reality, the term “tabby” refers to nothing more than a coloration. It is believed that the gene that causes tabby stripes is present in all domesticated cats, regardless of breed. There are several distinct varieties of tabby striping, and the coloration may be seen in a broad range of shades.

A “blotched tabby” is another name for the traditional tabby pattern. In a style that is rather frequent, the stripes are stretched out into lengthy blotches. It is believed that the first cats to have the pattern known as the “mackerel tabby” were born with it. In this pattern, the stripes are thin and crooked rather than wide and straight. The stripes are laid out in a pattern similar to that of a fish’s rib cage, which is where the name comes from.

Tabby cats may also be “ticked” with little dots aligned in stripes, or “spotted” with bigger spots aligned in stripes. Both of these patterns are considered to be tabby cats. Any of these tabby designs may be found in a plethora of different colour combinations. In point of fact, a tabby coat may be present even on a cat with a calico or tortoiseshell pattern. These felines are often referred to as “patched tabby” cats. The name “torbie” is frequently used to refer to a tortoiseshell tabby cat.

If you examine the face of a tabby cat, you will see that there are two inverted V-shaped markings in the area between the eyes and above them. They are shaped very similarly to the letter “M.”

According to a myth, the letter “M” is a symbol that indicates a benediction from the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is said that on the night when the Christ child was born, a stray cat crawled into the manger and snuggled with the infant, putting him at ease and assisting him in falling asleep. This is the basis of the tradition. Mary prayed a blessing over the cat and all tabby cats in the future in recognition of the cat’s selfless act.

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