Savannah Cats

Exotic Looks

The Savannah is a relatively young breed of domestic cat. A domestic shorthair cat and an African Serval cat were bred together to produce this new breed of cat. Savannah cats typically weigh just around 20 pounds, in contrast to the African Serval cat, which may weigh up to 40 pounds. In certain regions, the Serval is classed as a wild animal and so cannot be kept as a pet in such regions.

On the other hand, Savannah cats are classified as a breed of domestic cat. They have the capability of using a litter box. They have the appearance of wild cats yet are completely harmless to humans. It is from the grasslands of Africa’s savannah that the Savannah cat derives its name. The Serval is the ancestor of the Savannah cat.

Size:large sized cat
Weight:upto 14 kg.
Life Span:15 years and more
Care:no special requirements

Savannah cats have stunning spotted coats, similar in appearance to those of little cheetahs. Amber to silver is the colour spectrum of the backdrop of their coats, which have a tiger pattern. Their ears are huge and circular, although they do not stand as tall as the ears of the Serval cat do.

The temperament of a Savannah cat is somewhat comparable to that of a dog. They get along well with dogs if they are introduced to them while they are still kittens and like playing fetch with them. They need a diet of the highest possible quality. There is a food available for exotic pets that is manufactured by Purina. As a result of their potential to develop into fairly big adults, Savannah kittens have special dietary requirements that must be met in order to maintain proper health.

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