Ragdoll Cats

Large & Long-Haired

A beautifully maintained ragdoll cat

There are many different kinds of cats, but among them all, Ragdoll cats are among the most stunning and placid. The term “ragdoll” comes from the fact that ragdoll cats are known for their laid-back demeanour. They have long, silky hair that comes in a range of intriguing colour patterns, most of which contain some white, and they are rather huge. When the ragdoll cat is four years old, it will finally have grown into its full size. Additionally, the coloration takes a long time to develop.

Size:large sized cat
Weight:5-9 kg.
Life Span:10-15 years
Care:Requires regular grooming. The ragdoll is so relaxed that it will probably not defend itself when being attacked by another cat. That’s why it might be better to keep the cat indoor.

These beautiful cats are well-rounded, with no qualities that really stick out as being severe. There are six primary colours that may be used to design a Ragdoll cat. These colours are cream, red, lilac, chocolate, and blue. Seal is the sixth colour. Their patterning sometimes includes darker points, like that of a Siamese, but in contrast, they frequently have white markings on their underbodies, chests, and faces. The “mitted” coloration denotes the presence of white feet. The coloration of ragdoll cats that is referred to as “van” is a complete creamy white tint with just the tips of the points being black.

Ragdoll cats are not only stunning to look at, but they also have kind personalities and get along well with both young children and older people. They have a strong attraction to others, and as a result, they will follow and even sleep with them. The silky coats of Ragdoll cats are maintained by the cats themselves, although sometimes a human’s mild assistance with a steel comb is required. Ragdoll cats don’t shed all that often and are wonderful companion animals.

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