Himalayan Cats

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Himalayan cats, also known as colorpoint Persians, are the result of a genetic mix between Persian and Siamese cats. The intention was to produce cats with the temperament and body type of Persians but with the pointed coat pattern of Siamese cats.

Instead of being recognised as its own breed, the Himalayan cat is categorised as a colour variant of the Persian by the vast majority of cat groups. However, according to those who specialise in the study of cats, a Himalayan cat cannot be created simply by breeding a Siamese with a Persian. Persians are the only breed of cat that may legitimately be called a Himalayan.

Size:Medium sized cat
Weight:4-6 kg
Life Span:14-15 years
Care:Himalayan cats need daily grooming.

Himalayan cats are known for their calm demeanour and laid-back attitude. They have a good time wrestling with their masters. In addition, they need to have a daily grooming session in order to prevent the mats that might form in their long, flowing coats. It is important for the owner of a Himalayan cat to prevent their pet’s hair from becoming matted, since this may be quite uncomfortable for animals with long hair such as Himalayan cats.

Himalayan cats may have any number of different coloured points on their coats. The flame point is one of the most remarkable breeds because it has hair that is a creamy white colour, but its tail, face, and ears are a gorgeous orange-red colour. The colour lilac point is described as a light brown with a purple undertone. It’s also possible for the point colours to be Lynx Point, which is the same colour but with a stripe running across the pattern of the points. The points on a “Tortie” Point Himalayan cat have a pattern that looks like a tortoiseshell. There are a total of twenty distinct colour combinations that are acceptable for Himalayan cats.

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