Hairless Cats

The Sphynx: Unique & Playful

To say the least, hairless cats make for an uncommon kind of household pet. There are many breeds of hairless cats, including the sphynx. These wrinkled cats have soft fur around their faces, ears, and tails in addition to their oversized ears. The remainder of their bodies are covered with skin that is completely smooth. It is believed that the texture of this skin is similar to that of a suede-covered hot water bottle. This skin may come in a variety of colours or even have spots on it.

Size:Medium sized cat
Weight:Sphynx cats have a surprising weight for their size
Life Span:13-15 years
Care:Sphynx cats are sensitive to cold and sun (sunburn and sunstrokes). They are the only cats that need bathing (once a week) and ear cleaning.

A naturally occurring mutation that resulted in a hairless kitten being born in Canada in 1966 is where the sphynx cat got its start. Breeders have crossed domestic cats with hairless cats in order to generate a breed of hairless cat that is robust and healthy.

The Sphynx cat is a true head turner, yet it laps up all of the attention that it receives. It craves affection and will engage in mischievous behaviour in order to keep its owners amused. Even if they have robust excellent health, hairless cats are susceptible to feeling cold in a cool house in the same way that people are.

People who love cats yet have allergies to cats are frequently given hairless cats, however this is poor advice since sphynx cats could be much worse for your allergies than hairless cats. Hairless cats are a subspecies of the sphynx cat.

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