Burmese Cats

Silky & Lovable

blue-eyed Burmese cat

Burmese cats are stocky felines that resemble Siamese in appearance but have different colour tips. Wong Mau, the first Burmese cat, was discovered in Burma in 1930 by Dr. Joseph Thompson and transported to San Francisco, where she was bred with Siamese cats. All subsequent Burmese cats are derived from Wong Mau, the original Burmese cat.

Size:medium sized cat
Weight:Burmese cats have a surprising weight for their size.
Life Span:12-16 years
Care:strong cats that do not need any special care, besides light grooming

They have a short coat that is smooth and silky, and it is very simple to care for. A Burmese cat should have a rounded head and a compact body according to the breed standard. Sable, blue, champagne, and platinum are the only colours that are permitted to be worn in the show ring.

The wide, expressive eyes of a Burmese are one characteristic that never fails to win the heart of a new Burmese owner. When they are young, Burmese kittens are rambunctious and might be clumsy. On the other hand, as kids become older, they start to reveal their own characteristics. When communicating with people, they will use a low tone of voice. Burmese cats often get along well with both youngsters and canine companions. Burmese cats spend much of their time in the company of the humans who live in the home, either sitting on their laps or sleeping with them.

The sable Burmese has a face, ears, and tail that are darker in colour than the rest of its body. The champagne has a brownish hue, whilst the platinum has a very pale coloration all over its body. The coat of the blue Burmese cat is smooth and silvery grey in colour. There are also different hues of Burmese cats, such as lilacs and torties, that are sold by certain breeders.

People have a tendency to become such huge lovers of Burmese cats that they don’t desire any other kinds of cats since Burmese cats are so endearing.

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