Bengal Cats

Walk on the Wild Side

Bengal cats have the demeanour of a sweet and docile domestic cat, but their appearance is more like to that of a leopard. One of the most lively of all cat breeds is the Bengal, which enjoys climbing to great heights, playing in the water (Bengal cats are not scared of water and are quite interested in it), and splashing about in it. A Bengal cat is the solution for folks who have always dreamed they could have a domesticated wild cat that looks exotic like a Bengal cat around the home.

Size:medium sized cat
Weight:male 7-9 kg, female 4-6 kg
Life Span:15 years and more
Care:no special requirements

Bengal cats are the offspring of domestic cats and spotted Asian wild cats that were bred together by breeders. The purpose of this project was to create a breed of domestic cat with spots similar to those seen on wild cats. The outcome was the creation of Bengal cats. Spotted and marbled are the two primary designs that may be seen on one of their coats.

The coats of Bengal cats with spots may be either light or dark, and the spots can be a variety of colours, including orange, brown, and black. In a similar manner, the coloration of the lighter backdrop might range from ivory to rust to brown. The coats of marbled Bengal cats have stunning swirl patterns that may be either bright or dark in tone.

One of the most expensive cats ever to be sold was a Bengal cat called Cato. He was sold to a lady in England for the staggering price of $41,435 pounds.

The Bengal cat is a vivacious companion animal that takes pleasure in playing with its human owners. In point of fact, they are able to demand attention, and quite a lot of it at that. They have a lot of energy and even look forward to being walked on a leash. The Bengal cat is a relatively young breed that is quickly becoming more popular.

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