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Tonkinese Cats

Lovable Tonks

A cat in a tree

A Tonkinese cat

Tonkinese cats are, like many of the different cat breeds, imported from the Orient. They are a cross between Siamese and Burmese cats. Somewhat similar to the Siamese in coloring, they were often called “chocolate Siamese” in the days following their first appearance in the West. They are more stocky in build than some of the other Asian breeds, with a variety of colors.


Size: medium sized cat
Weight: 3-6 kg.
Life Span: 15 years and more
Care: no special requirements


The tonkinese cat's eyes can be blue, green/gold, or aqua, depending on the coat coloring. Similarly, there are a wide range of coat colorings seen in this breed.


The personality of the tonkinese cat is well known among cat lovers, who sometimes refer to the breed as “Tonks.” They love to be loved by people, and are extremely intelligent with a good memory. Tonkinese cats learn to persuade their humans with their good-natured, strong will.


Tonks will greet guests and play with them, and enjoy playing with each other too, inventing games to play. Tonkinese cats, being very sociable, will follow their owners around the house. Being playful, tonkinese cats romp around like monkeys too.


It is best to keep these fun-loving felines indoors, preferably in a cat-proofed house. They will enjoy toys, cat trees, and another Tonk companion. Tonkinese cats are sure to be loved by all.

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