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Savannah Cats

Exotic Looks

Savannah cats are a new breed of cat. The cat breed is the cross of a domestic shorthair cat and a African Serval cat. The African Serval cat usually weighs around 40 pounds, but the Savannah cats are only about 20 pounds. The Serval is considered a wild animal in some areas, and are not allowed as pets.


Savannah cats, however, are considered a breed of domestic cat. They are able to use a litter box. They look like wild cats but are family friendly. The Savannah cat gets its name from the African savannah, or grasslands, where the Serval originates.


Size: large sized cat
Weight: upto 14 kg.
Life Span: 15 years and more
Care: no special requirements


Savannah cats have beautiful spotted coats like a small cheetah. The background color on their coats ranges in color from amber to silver. Their ears are large and round, though not as tall as the ears of the Serval cat.


A Savannah cat has a personality similar to that of a dog. They enjoy playing fetch and can get along with dogs if they are introduced while still kittens. They need a high-quality diet. Purina makes a food especially designed for exotic pets. Kittens of Savannah cats need to be fed well and get good nutrition, since they will grow into quite a large cat.

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