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The Russian Blue Cat

A Cat With a Silvery Sheen

Russian blue cat

Russian blue cat

There are a lot of grayish blue cats, but a true Russian blue cat has a thick double coat almost like that of a seal or a beaver. Russian Blue cats have been around longer than many other breeds. It is believed that Queen Victoria was the happy owner of one of these beautiful cats, which were originally called “Archangel cats”.




Size: medium to large sized cat
Weight: 3-5 kg.
Life Span: 15 years and more
Care: no special requirements


The Russian blue cat has a flat profile and bright, emerald eyes. It has a personality that is gentle and affectionate. The cat's blue coat appears to have a silver tip on each hair, which gives it a silver sheen. The ears of the Russian blue cat have a wide base and sit toward the sides of it's wide flat head. This breed has a long body with fine bones and firm muscles for a graceful, clean line.


A Russian Blue cats tends to be somewhat shy, but devoted and playful. They are sensitive to the emotions of the humans in the house, but are undemanding, making them a good choice for busy modern households. They need very little grooming, but enjoy a time of combing from their owner. The Russian blue cat appears to have a smile, which is one more reason to include this feline friend in your home.

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