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Ragdoll Cats

Large & Long-Haired

Picture of a ragdoll cat

A well groomed ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats are some of the most beautiful and gentle of all breeds of cat. The name derived from the fact that he ragdoll is an extremely relaxed cat. They are large with long silky hair in a variety of interesting color patterns that usually include some white. The ragdoll cat does not reach its full size until it is four years old. Its coloring is also slow to mature.


Size: large sized cat
Weight: 5-9 kg.
Life Span: 10-15 years
Care: Requires regular grooming. The ragdoll is so relaxed that it will probably not defend itself when being attacked by another cat. That's why it might be better to keep the cat indoor.


These lovely cats are balanced with no features standing out as extreme. Ragdoll cats can be patterned in six basic colors, which are cream, red, lilac, chocolate, blue, and seal. Their patterning often includes darkened points, similar to a Siamese, but they often have white under bodies, chest, and face markings. The coloring called “mitted” has white feet. The ragdoll cat coloring called “van” is solid creamy white with just the tip of the points darkened.


In addition to being beautiful, ragdoll cats are also sweet natured, and get along with the elderly and with children. They love people and will follow them and sleep with them. Ragdoll cats groom their own silky coats, but occasionally need some gentle help from a human with a steel comb. Ragdoll cats don't shed much and are lovely pets to have around.

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