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The Norwegian Forest Cat

Longest Hair and a Full Mane

Norwegian forest cat

Norwegian forest cat

The Norwegian forest cat is a beautiful long-haired feline. Their presence dates back to the days of the Vikings. These striking cats traveled the northern seas with their sturdy human companions, making themselves useful catching rats. It is believed that the first domestic cats in North America were Norwegian Forest Cats brought to the New World by the Vikings.





Size: large cats
Weight: male 6-10 kg, female 5-7 kg
Care: grooming during shedding.


The Norwegian forest cat has a coat that looks quite different in the summer than in the winter. In the cold months, the cat grows a downy, warm undercoat. It has long guardhairs that help protect it from inclement weather, Norwegian forest cats are adapted to a very cold climate. The Norwegian forest cat sheds these hairs in the warm months, which leaves it much different. The tail, in full winter coat, can fan out to as much as twelve inches wide, and is very dense. Extremely impressive is the Norwegian Forest Cat's long mane.


The personality of the Norwegian forest cat varies depending on the bloodline and the handling of the kittens. However, they are very people-oriented. While they need little fussing over the long coats, they should be kept indoors for best results. Combing is recommended during the time of shedding, however.


These lovely cats can be any color except the pointed pattern of the Siamese. A lighter colored Norwegian Forest Cat tends to have a somewhat thicker coat than those of darker colors.

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