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Munchkin Cats

The Dachshund of the Cat World

Munchkin cats are a very different looking pet. Like Dachshunds and Basset hounds among dogs, the munchkin cat has abnormally short legs. Unlike the Dachshund, however, munchkin cats do not have genetic problems with their spine. The first munchkins were seen in Stalingrad, Germany before World War 2. Since they sat up on their hind legs, they were called “Stalingrad Kangaroo Cats”.


Size: medium sized cat
Weight: 4-5 kg.
Care: Because of their short legs, munchkin cats are not good at jumping. Therefore it's best to keep them indoors, since it's hard for them to escape from other cats.


Munchkin cats occur naturally because of a genetic factor, and bear kittens that also have the same short legs. While the coat can be long or short, they are generally plush and silky. On the munchkin cats with long coats, the tail tends to be plumed. These unusual cats move in a way like a ferret and are also fast runners.


Munchkins are adventurous and can be trained to walk on a leash. They also can learn to play fetch. Munchkin cats enjoy socializing with people, and also get along with dogs and other cats.


The munchkin cat comes in all colors and patterns. The breed has not yet been recognized for showing, but is growing in popularity. For unusual, perky feline friends, try munchkin cats.

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