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Manx Cats

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Picture of a Manx cat

Manx cat and flower

Manx cats are defined mainly by their short tails. This cat breed comes from the Isle of Man. The short tail characteristic of the Manx cat is caused by a dominant gene. The gene can cause problems with the health of the cats if there are not some tailed cats included in the breeding. These cats can come in several varieties, but all have the stocky, rounded build.


Size: medium sized cat
Weight: around 5 kg.
Care: Tailles manx cats can have hygienic problems. Cats use their tail to eliminate feces, but since some manx cats have no tail, the feces may stick to their fur. Luckily most manx cats like water and it is possible to give them a bath.


The completely tailless variety is called a “rumpie”. Some manx cats have a tiny cartilage bump where the tail should be. These are called “rumpie risers”. These two types, the rumpies and the rumpie risers, are allowed in cat shows. Other manx have a stump for a tail. These are not allowed in cat shows, but still make good pets. There are also tailed manx cats that are used for safety in breeding.


Manx cats have a people-loving personality. They are said to be more like dogs in personality than any other cat breed. They can be taught to come when their names are called. Sometimes these cats can be taught to walk on a leash, too. They have even been known to enjoy water, unlike most cats. Manx cats are medium sized and friendly, making them great pets.

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