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The Lynx Cat

Cousin to the Bobcat

Picture of a lynx cat

Siamese lynx cat

The lynx cat is a cat breed that resembles the wild lynx of North America. There are two breeds of lynx cat that are bred to be household pets. One is the desert lynx cat. The other is the highland lynx, which has curled ears, making it quite exotic looking.





Size: large sized cat
Weight: male 7-9 kg, female 4-6 kg
Life Span: 12-15 years
Care: no special requirements


The desert lynx is a cross between a bobcat and a domestic cat. The result is a spotted or striped bob-tailed house cat with a tuft of hair on each ear, giving it a wild look. They have a playful, affectionate personality, following people around and coming when they are called. They can get along well with dogs, but can be shy around strangers.


The desert lynx might be one of a variety of colors, including snow leopard, blue leopard, copper leopard, and ebony leopard. The highland lynx cat also can be any of these spotted colors, or swirled stripes. Lynx cats can also be bred to have the point coloring of a Siamese.


Lynx cats tend to have longer legs than other domestic cat breeds. The Desert Lynx also tends to have polydactyl toes. This means the cat has six toes on each foot. The toes of the Lynx cat has tufts of hair on them.

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