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Himalayan Cats

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Picture of a Himalayan cat

Flame-point Himalayan cat

Himalayan cats (aka colorpoint persian) began as a cross between the Persian and the Siamese. The goal was to breed cats that had the temperament and body shape of the Persian, but the pointed color pattern of the Siamese.


In most cat organizations, the Himalayan cat is classified as a color variation of the Persian instead of a unique breed. Cat experts say, however, that simply a cross between a Siamese and a Persian does not make a true Himalayan cat. Genuine Himalayan cats are registered Persians.


Size: Medium sized cat
Weight: 4-6 kg
Life Span: 14-15 years
Care: Himalayan cats need daily grooming.


Himalayan cats are gentle and easy-going. They enjoy playing with their owners. They also require a daily session of grooming to keep their long flowing coats from developing mats. Matted hair can be painful for a long-haired animal, and should be avoided by the owner of a Himalayan cat.


Himalayan cats come in a wide range of point colors. One of the most striking is the flame point, which has creamy white hair with the tail, face, and ears in a lovely orange-red. Lilac point is a light brown that has a purple cast. The point colors can also be Lynx Point, which is the same color, but with a stripe in the pattern of the points. A “Tortie” Point Himalayan cat has a tortoiseshell pattern on the points. In all there are twenty different color combinations allowed for Himalayan cats.

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