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Egyptian Cats

The Egyptian Mau: Striking Beauty and Personality

Egyptian cats were some of the first felines to be domesticated and made pets. Historians believe that all our domestic cats are the descendants of the first Egyptian cats, and probably from the Egyptian wild cat that still lives in the region. The tradition lives on in the breed known as the Egyptian Mau. Mau is an Egyptian word that means cat.


The first Egyptian cats in North America were imported in 1956. For many years, all of the Maus in North America could trace their pedigree through those same two original Egyptian cats.


Size: medium sized cat
Weight: between 3 and 5 kg.
Life Span: 15 years and more
Care: Egyptian mau's are sensitive to cold. They are also more sensitive to medicines then most cats.


The Egyptian Mau is the only domestic cat breed that has a naturally spotted coat. An Egyptian cat is very loyal to its owners, being intelligent and loving. They have a soft voice that makes a chortling sound when they are happy.


The Egyptian mau is the fastest domestic cat, it can achieve a speed of 36 mph. Reason for this are the mau's long hind legs.


The Egyptian cat come in several colors. The most notable spotted coat colors are bronze, silver, and smoke. These are the only colors allowed in competition by the Cat Fanciers Association. Egyptian Maus, sometimes called Emaus, can also be solid black or blue, or have coats that are diluted versions of the smoke, silver, and bronze spotted. Egyptian cats are beautiful and friendly, making great pets.

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