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Cleaning Cat Urine Odor

Tips for Cat Urine Removal

An indoor cat is a pleasure to have around, but cat urine is not. Cats are easy to train to use a litter box, and can even be trained to go outside. However, they are not above slipping under a bed to urinate even when they are litter box trained.


The reason for these cat urine behaviors is that the cat has an instinct to mark his territory. He will generally spray his urine at a vertical surface such as a wall or the side of a couch. Cats may spray when they are in a stressful situation, like moving into a new house, a stranger in the house, a female in the heath in the neighborhood or too many cats around. Getting a male kitten neutered while he is still young will generally prevent him from starting the behavior. An older cat may quit if he is neutered or he may not. Either way, neutering is a good idea.


If a cat has recently started urinating outside of his litter box, you should see if there is a reason for his change in behavior. Urine on a horizontal surface has nothing to do with marking territory (spraying). Have you recently moved the box, or do you need to clean it? For best results, the cat litter box should be in a quiet out of the way place. If it is in a bathroom, laundry room, basement, or closet, always be sure you are keeping the door open. After all, this is the door to the cat's bathroom! If he can't get to the litter box, you will probably be doing cat urine removal, whether you like it or not.


Homes with indoor cats sometimes get a strong cat urine odor. The smell is a little like the scent of cedar, but certainly not as pleasant! It is possible to get the cat urine smell out of carpet. First find the source of cat urine odor by darkening the room and using a black light. The urine will glow.


Cleaning cat urine involves using a special cat urine remover made with enzymes. An oxidizing cat urine cleaner will help get rid of serious cat urine stains and odor. Have a look at your local pet shop for a cat urine removal product. Some people also advice using baking soda, vinegar or bleach, but a specialized product will work best.


Removing cat urine from furniture is done the same way as cleaning it from carpets. In homes with a super cat urine odor problem, the carpet and furniture sometimes must be replaced to get rid of the smell.

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