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Cat Names

The Most Popular Cat Names

Need some inspiration on finding a name for a kitten? Here's a list of the most popular cat names in the US, according to Bow Mow Meow, a pet identification business.


  Male Cat Names

1 Max
2 Sam
3 Simba
4 Charlie
5 Oliver
6 Oscar
7 Gizmo
8 Buddy
9 Toby
10 Spike
11 Rusty
12 Jake
13 Buster
14 Sylvester
15 Rocky
16 Milo
17 Bailey
18 Simon
19 Sebastian
20 George

  Female Cat Names

1 Sassy
2 Misty
3 Princess
4 Samantha
5 Lucy
6 Missy
7 Molly
8 Sophie
9 Pumpkin
10 Maggie
11 Callie
12 Daisy
13 Cleo
14 Chloe
15 Angel
16 Nala
17 Sadie
18 Katie
19 Jasmine
20 Peaches



Here are some more popular names for specific cat breeds and coat colors:


  Siamese Cat Names

Cinnamon, Dara, Princess, Prince, Sierra, Ginger, Duchess, Jasmine, Kiki, Mai, Mali, Meow (Thai word for 'cat'), Nin, Salem, Sin, Thai, Wila, Ying


  Persian Cat Names

Bala, Farang, Jayde, Meow, Sheba, Siah


  Black Cat Names

Blackie, Blackjack, Blake, Carbon, Ebony, guinness, Indigo, Inky, Midnight, Mora, Shadow, Vader


  White Cat Names

Alaska, Albino, Chilly, Crystal, Ghost, Igloo, Ivory, Polar, Popcorn, Salt, Snow, Vanilla, White


  Orange Cat Names

Apricot, Orange, Cayenne, Copper, Magenta, Mandarin, Paprika, Rusty, Sunset



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