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Burmese Cats

Silky & Lovable

Burmese cat

blue-eyed Burmese cat

Burmese cats are stocky felines with the color points of a Siamese. All Burmese cats are descended from a single cat, called Wong Mau, who was found in Burma in 1930 by Dr. Joseph Thompson and brought to San Francisco, where she was crossed with Siamese cats.

Size: medium sized cat
Weight: Burmese cats have a surprising weight for their size.
Life Span: 12-16 years
Care: strong cats that do not need any special care, besides light grooming


They have a short silky coat that is easy to care for. The breed standard for a Burmese cat is a round head and a compact body. The colors allowed in the show ring are sable, blue, champagne, and platinum.


One feature that always captivates the owner of a Burmese is its large, round, expressive eyes. As kittens, Burmese cats are lively and somewhat clumsy. As they mature, however, they begin to show their unique personalities. They will interact with humans with a soft voice. Burmese cats tend to well with children and dogs. Burmese cats are usually around the people of the house, sitting in their laps or cuddling in their beds.


The sable Burmese is a deep lovely brown with darker ears, face and tail. The champagne is a tawny color, and the platinum is a very light colored cat. The blue Burmese cat has a silky silver-gray coat. Some breeders also sell other colors of Burmese cats, such as lilacs, and torties.


Burmese cats are so lovable that people tend to become great fans of them, and don't want other breeds of cat.

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