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Bengal Cats

Walk on the Wild Side

Picture of a Bengal kitten

Bengal kitten, 3 weeks old

Bengal cats combine the temperament of a gentle house cat with the wild look of a leopard. The Bengal is one of the most playful of all breeds of cat, splashing water (Bengal cats are very interested in water and not afraid of it) and climbing to high places. For people who have always wished they could have an exotic looking wild cat around the house, a Bengal cat is the answer.


Size: medium sized cat
Weight: male 7-9 kg, female 4-6 kg
Life Span: 15 years and more
Care: no special requirements


Bengal cats originate from breeders crossing domestic cats with spotted Asian wild cats. The goal was to develop a breed of house cat that was spotted like a wild cat. Bengal cats are the result. Their coats come in two basic patterns, which are spotted and marbled.


The Bengal cats that have spotted coats can be light or dark, with spots in many shades orange, brown, and black. Likewise, the lighter background coloring varies from ivory to rust to brown. The marbled Bengals have beautiful swirl patterns on their coats, which can also be light or dark.


One of the most expensive cats ever was a Bengal cat named Cato, who was sold for $41,435 to a woman in England.


The Bengal cat makes a lively pet that enjoys playing with its humans. In fact, they can demand attention, and a great deal of it. They are very active and even enjoy walking on a leash. Bengal cats are a new breed that is growing in popularity.


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